2x Huiji Honey 1KG + FREE DELIVERY

2x Huiji Honey 1KG + FREE DELIVERY

Product Code: Huiji Honey 1KG
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Unique Selling Points: 

  • 100% natural, pure honey with Linden flower scent
  • The 1kg packaging comes in a bottle that features a special cap design to prevent spillage and wastage of honey 
  • Halal certified

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1) Why are the prices for Huiji honey lower than other pure honey brands? 

Huiji’s honey is obtained directly from the farm, thus we are able to make our honey priced lower, so as to make it available to the mass market.

2) How pure is Huiji Honey?

Huiji honey’s water content is less than 18%.

3) Can Huiji honey be used on the face?

Yes. Huiji honey can be used on the face.

4) Can I use Huiji honey for external wounds?

Yes, Huiji honey can be used as a natural remedy. 

5) How long can I store Huiji honey?

It is recommended to consume Huiji honey before the expiry date as shown on the packaging.