Huiji 28-day Confinement Package

Huiji 28-day Confinement Package

Product Code: Huiji 28-day Confinement Package
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Huiji 28-day confinement package is formulated to condition and nurse mother’s reproductive system, alleviate backache and strengthen her constitution.

100% Vegetarian, alcohol-free and no added sugar, this health tonic help moms to recuperate back to her pink of health.


The confinement package includes:
1 x Huiji Waist Tonic – 700ml
6 x Huiji Fatt Choy Tea (red dates tea) – 10 sachets each
2 x Huiji Canadian Ginseng Tea – 10 sachets each
1 x Huiji Nestural Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar and American Ginseng – 6 x 70g

4 weeks of Confinement

Week 1 & 2
Recovery, Replenish Qi (energy) & Blood

In TCM, red dates and ginseng are known for medicinal and herbal benefits that help new mothers to speed up recovery process.
Huiji Fatt Choy Tea helps to improve Qi, boost blood circulation and immune system.
Huiji Canadian Ginseng Tea helps to reinforce vital energy, promote the production of body fluid and to calm the nerves.
Advisable to drink in the first two weeks of confinement

Week 3 & 4
Nourishment & Physique Strengthening

With no added sugar and alcohol, Huiji Waist Tonic is suitable for lactating mums.
The health tonic is made of 100% natural premium herbs such as Cordyceps, Ginseng, Duzhong, Dang gui, Red date and Shou wu that help mums to nourish vital energy, strengthen the waist and relieve backache after delivery, promote blood circulation and overcome fatigue.
Start drinking Huiji Waist Tonic from Week 3 of confinement. Drink twice daily, 30ml each time.

Anytime during the confinement period
Boost Skin Radiance

Consuming Bird’s Nest during confinement helps to retain skin moisture, elasticity and improve mum’s complexion.
Huiji Nestural Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar and American Ginseng is made of 100% pure, superior grade cave bird’s nest strips with no artificial preservatives, flavouring or colouring.

Take Nestural Bird’s Nest anytime during your confinement period.

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