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Huay Feng Hang Pte Ltd was established in 1988 as an importer/exporter, distributor and wholesaler of medical and health products. Over the past decades, the company has grown exponentially to become a trusted brand representing a stellar range of medical and health products sold globally today.


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Huiji Waist Tonic


Why It Is So Good For You?

Huiji Waist Tonic is made according to an ancient Chinese formula that has been refined through modern scientific research. Made from a traditional recipe, Huiji Waist Tonic is an excellent health tonic that is mild in nature and fragrant in scent. It is 100% vegetarian, with no added alcohol and cane sugar. Thus suitable for breast feeding mums, children above age of 7 and individuals allergic to alcohol. Huiji Waist Tonic is now made in Singapore from a GMP( Good Manufacturing Practices) Certified factory.


Health is the most important asset one can possess at my age. I used to feel sore back and the numbness at the joints from my golf games. Thanks Huiji, I can enjoy my games now.

Wee Fui Twee, Retired Principal / Huiji Waist Tonic

I really love mooncakes and since the season started, I can't help pigging out but mooncakes always leaves me with a "bloated" feeling. Fruity Lite's tangling sweetish-sour taste not only really is a good match with the mooncakes, it also helps digestion and cleanses my palete, making my breath fresh. Moreover, my bad cholestrol has since decreased by 20%. I feel very safe taking it as it is an all natural product that tastes really good.

Tan Kim Keok, Housewife, 60 / Huiji Fruity Lite

I have tried many different kinds of cough syrup but my "hundred day cough" still persists after several visits to the doctor. After taking half a bottle of herbalmint cough syrup, my cough subsided significantly and I love the way it soothes the itch in my throat right after taking it.

Ms Ho, Sales Manager, 37 / Herbalmint Cough Syrup

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As a mark of our organisation’s excellence, we have been awarded the ISO 9001 certification. The implementation of the ISO 9001 quality control system has further inspired us to produce an unrivalled diversity of products so we can meet the needs of our customers in their pursuit of good health.


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